How to Choose a Wedding Planner

How to Choose a Wedding Planner

So you are now engaged and your engagement day was the happiest day of your life. It will only be surpassed by your wedding day and by now you have bought every Wedding Magazine, looked at every Wedding website and your family and friends all want to offer their advice on how you should plan your wedding. Seems a little overwhelming doesn’t it? Your wedding day will be perfect and the planning should be fun and exciting. Hiring a professional Wedding Planner will keep it so but you want to be sure you hire the person who is right for you.

You can hire a Wedding Planner for:

  • A full service planning package to arrange every detail
  • A partial package to help guide you through the important details like your budget, venue, florist and other vendors
  • A Day-of coordination so you can relax during your wedding and let the Planner do the work

The question is “how do you choose the coordinator who is right for you”?

Most couples and sometimes their parents first think about the budget asking themselves “can we afford a Wedding Planner. While the budget is obviously important there are other factors that are equally or more important. In fact, many times a Wedding Planner can help to save you money depending which of their packages you choose. Wedding vendors like to keep Wedding Planners happy and many times will offer discounts or added value to the Wedding Planner’s clients.

Confidence – after you meet with a potential Wedding Planner do you feel 100% confident she will be able plan your wedding exactly the way you dream it will be? Do your visions align? Do feel a strong connection with her? Does she have the experience and reputation you expect? When you leave the initial meeting do you feel like you’ve known the Wedding Planner for just an hour or do you feel like you have been friends for months or even years? Listen to your feelings as choosing your Wedding Planner is probably the single most important decision you will make about Your Wedding.

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Wendy Wojcik
As a wedding planner I like to share general information with couples to help them make more informed decisions about planning their wedding. If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out to me.

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